Hot News For Aw2019

What’s hot for 2019.

I spent hours at different shows and events looking for this year’s trends. Believe it or not, I started a year ago to get this years Aw range! And, now the gorgeous product is landing in store. The key trend for Aw 2019 Women is accessories. This is great as it’s a relatively cheap way of updating your wardrobe. From socks to headbands to bobble hats and faux scarves the options are endless.

One of the hottest trends is Hair Accessories.

Have you short hair and want an update? Add these gorgeous slides or cute headbands. Long hair? Headbands look gorgeous! A headband is all about confidence once you have tried one you will be sold. They literally suit any hair length and any age – a guaranteed key trend for Aw 2019.

Faux Fur always on-trend.

Faux fur continues to be key. Please note it has to be faux, no real fur, please! The colours are beautiful for AW with mustard and fabulous greens! There are, as always, animal prints in leopard and snow leopard which are really cool. A great way to update a coat without too much investment is a faux fur scarf and in mustard, you are on to a winner.

There are little fur clutches around too, an easy way to make you so on-trend.

Statement socks.

Sparkly socks are back, think 1970’s and you will get the picture – super cute and would look great with cropped trousers or just peaking out of the so on-trend biker boots.

Quick & easy updates.

Are you not confident enough to wear a headband or animal print doesn’t do it for you, then why not just go for an update on your make up bag? The trend continues here too, with the gorgeous greens and rose gold trims to the classic leopard prints! Beautiful.

I think these trends are so good as they lift your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Get last years navy coat on, add a bit of faux fur and grab a little clutch and you are ready to go – all updated for Aw 2019. Plus its great fun too!

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