We are talking Brands – This week its Quail Ceramics

Talking Quail Ceramics

Selecting an interiors brand is tricky. Probably the hardest bit of my job. Trends move so quickly and some brands look the part but don’t always stack up quality-wise. Or, others may be traditional and not relevant. Often you find pieces that are beautifully on-trend but so expensive!

I came across Quail a few years ago but had to wait until I had done a refurbishment in-store, to give the range space it truly deserves.

An eclectic piece such as a wall head or a vase can update your space quickly and easily. It’s a relatively inexpensive way of having fun with your interiors and being bang on-trend.

I love interior pieces that are quirky and just a bit different. Everything with this brand is designed in the UK and many of the originals are made in the Midlands by traditional ceramicists. Quail work very closely with a small number of family businesses in Thailand and Sri Lanka who do the firing and hand painting of their exclusive designs. They devote an enormous amount of time to getting the detail right with the skilled craftspeople. They value and cherish the relationships that have been developed & THIS is obvious in the finished product. I am delighted to be their stockists.

There is always a great backstory with the brands I select.

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