The Week in the Life of A Small Business Owner

The Week in the life of a small business owner.
“I popped into the shop the other day and you weren’t there ”
I often hear this!

Trust me, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes of small business & it’s fascinating.
I absolutely love my job. I love having my own business, and I’m very grateful I’m able to do it. However, there is so much more to it than I ever thought, and certainly more goes on behind the scenes than most of you will believe.
Coming from a large corporate business with a defined role, responsibilities and accountabilities and monthly paycheck – to running your own “Empire”, it’s very challenging. There is never a typical week when running your own business, but I thought I would give you an insight into last week.

I was in the shop in a serving capacity on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday- this varies every week. So, part-time you might say -you only work three days a week. However, here’s how it went.

MONDAY – my official day off. 6 am, check the ONLINE orders, check social media answer any questions that may have been asked overnight and then plan posts for social media. Next onto the banking & the VAT from the Previous Week.
Then I had a FORECAST meeting with the bank for the “Golden Quarter” – the run-up to Christmas. Following the meeting, I revisited my autumn 2019 quantities for Christmas- ensuring we have backed the “winners” That took the best part of the day.
6 pm I looked at online & social media orders – answered any questions – our busiest time on social media is 8 pm- 10 pm, so I tend to have my phone glued to me at this time of night.

TUESDAY – my official workday in store, in at nine left at six- Meeting with agents regarding Christmas cards and top-ups, served customers, social media, did some cleaning, did some REPEAT ORDERS, unpacked deliveries- went home, had tea, and then started social media – a Question and answer session, until 10 pm.

WEDNESDAY- A none in the shop day – Loaded some new products on to the website. Had a social media & marketing meeting with my guru, that is Phil Gee. He’s coaching me on the way forward. We formulated a plan, which took the best part of three and a half hours, came home, and then spent all afternoon. Working on the strategy and social media campaign for winter, which took me till 10:30 pm.

THURSDAY- A day not in the shop – came to the shop at 7 am collected cardboard, went to the tip, Steam mopped the floor, & took all postal orders to the post office. Made sure everything is spotless before we open at 930! Then went home, did some work on my blogs, and then visited a NEW SUPPLIER to select a NEW home range, whilst out spent a couple of hours looking at competitors & inspiration, came home and did my social media in the evening. Ordered bags tissue and wrapping for September. Checked online orders.

FRIDAY- in the shop day – spent all day serving customers, online orders, and then writing our all-new product information cards, which I took home and continued with to probably about nine o’clock. Did some research on suitable music to play in the shop. Final check of social media and online orders at 10.15pm

SATURDAY- in the shop a workday. Saturdays are busy days with customers, and I tend not to do anything else but serve. But we had a mad run on our new prints and managed to get a repeat order in! Saturday evening did absolutely nothing, except check social media and answer any questions.

SUNDAY- morning, 6 am, check social media, checked online orders, popped into the shop, gave it a clean, had a delivery of a new clock range – it needed to be put up. And then, at lunchtime, I went into Liverpool I checked out john Lewis & Some of the other independent competitors- assessing their Aw collections and trends making sure we haven’t missed anything and, we look on-trend but different! The last check on Instagram and Facebook was 10.30pm.

So, that was last week’s life of a small business owner. I only worked three days —–!!! I LOVE it – but there is hardly a moment where you are not working on, or thinking about what’s next – believe it or not I had a meeting today regarding Mother’s Day March 2020! A great retailer once told me “If you stand still in retail you go backward “ – so true! The other major thing that I think I underestimated about having a small business ; is the emotional attachment you have with some of your customers and their lives – I am entrusted with lots of secrets, special and sad moments – that is both uplifting and sometimes emotional draining and that is unquantifiable – how many hours did I work last week – not sure – but you probably popped in when I wasn’t there ! Love Sally x

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